Aanand Kainth


Perform detailed analysis of your writing


On-demand insights for your documents

Concept analyzes your writing to present you with information about what in your writing sticks out the most to readers. This includes many things, from identifying the most emotional sentences in your writing to breaking down how an individual sentence will affect the attitude of the reader.

Concept in the Google Sidebar

Privacy Policy

Concept analyzes your documents through the Google Natural Language API. You can see the abbreviated privacy policy here. Concept itself does not store or use user data in any way, shape, or form.

Terms of Service

Concept has 5000 uses per month. To ensure that there is no excess, resulting in charges to my account, the add-on has been configured to allow a maximum of 178 requests per day. Requests can be made once a minute at most per user account.


Leave an issue on GitHub if you run into any problems. Alternatively, you can email me at concept@akainth.me.